Same, Different?


“You have to be different.” The Siu Twinz said.


The Siu Twinz, Jason Siu and Philip Siu are identical twins. They were born in Hong Kong, but raised in New Zealand. Unlike most of the teenagers, they left their parents when they were 19, and began their dancing journey.


“We have stopped dancing for six months”, said Philip. Unfortunately, they had to stop doing what they love and work in offices. Indeed, reality could be mean when The Siu Twinz are on their own in Hong Kong, and their parents are thousand miles away.


Back in the days when they first started to learn dancing in Singapore, they fell in love with dancing and choreographing. Later on, they joined quite a number of dance competitions in New Zealand, Les Vegas, and finally in South Korea, where they realized dancing is what they want for life.


The Siu brothers were voted and selected to be the Top 15 Finalists for KPOP World Festival, and they received a 7-year contract to be part of the KPOP group. While everything seemed to be perfect at that time, they chose to walk away from the opportunity and came to Hong Kong.


The brothers had gone though thick and thin in Hong Kong. “I got a big injury on my toe. I could not walk, and I could not wear shoes for five months,” said Philip. In fact, the interview had brought The Siu Twins back on dance floor.


During the days when Philip was suffering from “ingrown toe nail”, both brothers had stopped dancing, and become ordinary office workers. “we enjoyed life, but we realized there was something missing in life,” said Jason.


Life is not easy for dancers, especially in Hong Kong. Though the Siu Brothers have no plan to go back to their hometown. “We want to build our dance studio,” said Philip. “We do not necessarily have to be teachers; we can just be the owners,” he added.


Both brothers were deeply moved by the hard times. It is believed that their dreams are still the same, but the way they pursue them is different. “We want to dance, but earn money at the same time,” said Philip.

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